A More Transparent, Efficient, Supportive and Innovative Commonwealth Department Grants Process

Homelessness Australia (HA) is pleased to make a submission to the Senate Community Affairs References Committee inquiry into the impact on service quality, efficiency and sustainability of recent Commonwealth community service tendering processes by the Department of Social Services.

HA sees great value in a close working relationship between civil society, government agencies, and the executive government. This relationship helps to improve the work of these three sections of our society. Peak bodies such as HA provide a conduit between the arms of government and the homelessness sector. Through this role we support the work of both the government and the sector. This perspective informs the suggestions about the ongoing need for funding of peak bodies.

In this submission HA is seeking to make constructive suggestions on how to improve future grants programs initiated by the Department of Social Services. Where comment is made about past activities it is done so as to illustrate the problems that we and our member organisations have encountered during the recent grants process.

In making this submission HA has consulted with our board and member organisations to inform our descriptions of experiences with the grants program.